The Space Between Stars

by Jonathan Segel




Made from the unused first take of "Interstitial Undertow" from the sessions for the "Honey" album at Myles Boisen's Guerilla Recording in 2006 or 2007.

The picture on the track page is the score we used for the first version of this idea, done live at the 1st Annual Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker Camp-Out in 2005, when we were starting to try to figure out how to get really interstellar with this piece. I've been meaning to get around to finishing the truly spaced out spaciousness of the piece and finally got around to it for this, now the third version.

Recorded at Guerilla Audio, Sound of Music, Chakra Chimp Research Kitchen and the Magnetic Satellite at various times from 2004-2012. Assembled at the Magnetic Satellite at various times in the interim.

Shout outs to Santa Cruz here, not only did most of the musicians live there at one time or another, but a couple of the the companies from there (Josephson Microphones and Universal Audio) really helped me in making this music, as well as so many other recordings. Not that this is exactly what they'd want to use as their advertisements…


released March 27, 2012

(whether they knew it or not...)

Jonathan Segel - guitars/keys/computers
Victor Krummenacher - bass
Myles Boisen - guitar
John Hanes - Drums
dAS Ubuibi - tapes/computers
Ninah Pixie - keys/warbles/etc.



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Jonathan Segel Sweden

Jonathan Segel is a composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist on guitar, violin, computer, keyboards, electric bass and singing, or whatever else needs to happen.

He has played in the band Camper Van Beethoven for the past 30+ years, as well as many other bands.
Currently he plays solo and with Øresund Space Collective
& Sista Maj
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