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All Signs Point to You'll See

from Outside Inside by Jonathan Segel

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if there were a wall, and we were on the outside, couldn’t get inside, still we’d be free
if there were a wall and we were on the inside, couldn’t get outside, we’d be safe yeah

trapped in a world all of our own, we live with what we think we own, do we?
everything around you is always part and parcel all signs point to you’ll see

we are only what we build around us, around and between us
between us
we are only what we are made of what we are is stardust
stardust (golden)

a part of the solution each part is a problem in a convoluted ocean’s motion
fusing with the other, widening the cover, sending ripples outside like sound,
the sound, that sound
the sound, that sound
it’s going down

permeable membrane, body or the brain, mixing up the spaces until it’s all the same, get set

one conflation brings a conflagration, burning up the other until it’s all the same
set match and game

outside getting inside, inside getting outside, outside getting inside outside inside
are you listening or are you the band, or are you still the sound,
the sound, that sound
the sound, that sound
it’s going down

If there were a skin could it hold you in, keeping you from getting outside
if there were a skin, what would it let in, what would be getting inside

what would be inside what is getting outside

if you were a body, living on the inside, acting on the outside, who would you be?
if you were a person keeping it all inside, behaving on the outside, who would I be
who would I be to you?


from Outside Inside, released August 7, 2020


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Jonathan Segel Sweden

Jonathan Segel is a musician and composer, playing guitar, violin, computer, keyboards, electric bass and singing, etc.

He plays solo and with Camper Van Beethoven and Øresund Space Collective
and Sista Maj
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