from "Edgy Not Antsy" 2003


hey joy
i know you’re just around the corner

and i never have to go across that line again
just to get to the other side
and i know i never have to set out on the wrong track
has it been the right track all along?
and i never have to drown in my afflictions
just to find the right words to say
but i probably will

hey joy
i bet you’re right around the corner

and when you’re walking down the streets in some big city
nobody sees just who you are
and when you step out on to that runway
maybe this time you’ll just take off
you have the strength you have the will you have the heart
to keep you going
you don’t have to fuck around
but you probably will

hey joy
i see you right around the corner

and i know that nobody will ever really see me
but now i really just don’t care
but i don’t have to build myself up just to let me down
and it’s such a long way down from here
i never have to step into the zeitgeist for a friday nightcap
i never even have to drunk again
but i probably will

hey joy
i know you’re just around the corner


from Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, released September 3, 2013



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Jonathan Segel Sweden

Jonathan Segel is a composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist on guitar, violin, computer, keyboards, electric bass and singing, or whatever else needs to happen.

He has played in the band Camper Van Beethoven for the past 30+ years, as well as many other bands.
Currently he plays solo and with Øresund Space Collective
& Sista Maj
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